Tyler Hawes, NCCP 2 Rugby, Rugby Academy Director


Tyler has played all over the world at the pro, semi-pro and amateur levels.  Spending seasons in New Zealand, Australia, Scotland, Spain, Hong Kong, the USA and Canada.  He's competed in 3 provincial championships in 2 provinces as well as competed for a National Championships on 5 different occasions in 3 different countries.  Tyler has represented Calgary, Alberta, BC, and the Prairies at the Sr level as well as suiting up for Canada at the national level.  Tyler is a level 2 NCCP  certified coach and currently working on his level 3.  Tyler has been coaching for 10 years, starting 2 successful rugby academies, with this being his 3rd.  


Currently an Assistant Coach for the Canadian under U18 and Prairie Wolf Pack team.  

He hopes that the athletes he coaches can all take out the same amount of enjoyment from the game that he has.

Micheal Souster, BKIN(Hons), MSc, PP Director


With a background in national level athletics and specific training in exercise physiology, Peak Power Director and Co-founder Michael Souster primarily works with power sport athletes. His expertise in running mechanics, footwork, Olympic Lifting and plyometrics provide Michael with the foundation to design and deliver comprehensive programs for power athletes. 


After completing his undergraduate work in Kinesiology at the University of Calgary, Michael obtained his Masters of Science degree in Exercise Physiology from the University of Alberta. As a former varsity and national level sprinter Michael combines his knowledge of sport science with his experience as an athlete. Michael has worked with the NHLs Edmonton Oilers, and has worked with all levels of hockey helping athletes to reach their full potential through their physical preparatation for hockey. Over the past 4 years, Michael has been working extensively with Alberta Provincial Alpine Racing Team and has become one of the leading authorities in strength and conditioning within the Alberta Alpine Ski Racing Community. 


After assisting the Canadian Bench Press team at the 2005 World Bench Press Championships in Cleveland, Michael has represented the Canadian Team as head coach at both the 2006 World Bench Championships in Budapest and the 2008 World Bench Championships in Prague. 

Rocky Mountain Rugby Academy